St.Joseph's High School

About Us

School Profile

St. Joseph’s High School has been established to provide education to children coming from varied background and cultures. The school respects the child’s need and develops self learners with confidence to face challenges. The school endeavors to be a Total Quality Organization, focusing on child-centered education and sharing experiences with the larger education system. The school provides pupils with the opportunity to learn under the guidance of well trained teachers who use scientific and theoretically proven techniques of teaching-learning. In order to augment the teaching-learning processes in the classroom and enhance performance, the school appoints additional teachers per class.
The school focuses on creating an environment that is lively and fun-filled and is a home away from home. And in this environment we endeavor to facilitate quality education and nurture the growth of children to be model global citizens. We believe that the school with the parents jointly facilitate a better future for our children.The school also strongly believes that education is not merely a means of living or an instrument for the acquisition of wealth. It is the initiation into life of the spirit, a training of the human soul in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue and human values.

Our Culture

Secular, reflective, having a shared vision with love for learning, working towards quality education, building confidence and creating a space for high esteem in every individual of the institution.

Our Environment

We strive to make the school environment congenial for physical and mental development and for fostering attitudes of tolerance and understanding.

About St. Joseph’s High School(SJHS)