St.Joseph's High School

Dear Parents and Well Wisher,

At the outset, I congratulate each and every member of the school for their efforts. Reading through this website, it is evident that St. Joseph’s High School is a learning institution… an institution committed to student education, developing them as trailblazing citizens of society.
As we move into this new millennium, the pace of change will accelerate immensely. The technology boom, new discoveries in the sciences and changing value system will all affect the very fabric that has sustained society till now. These changing times will also force us to rethink of new ways to educate our future generations.
In this changing context, one aspect that will always remain a constant, is the premise on which all education is founded – to develop children as critical thinkers, curious minds able to question and find answers independently and it is this that we adult stake-holders need to prepare for.
It is only a curious mind that can ultimately nurture the growth of another curious mind and only if we are able to perceive the universe, with a sense amazement and wonder, we would be able to facilitate the same in our students. In order to be able to do this, we need to reflect on an ongoing basis, constantly critiquing the process we facilitate in our classroom and be willing to learn and change.
In this modern world, there are innumerable opportunities and options that one can exercise. Only by developing our students as critical thinkers, would they be able to make the appropriate choice of opportunities and the best use of options available to them and as a part of the teaching fraternity, it is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure that our students get the best out of their lives.

Thanks & Regards,