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Extent of Geographical Area covered and target population benefitted:The school caters to the geographical areas of Thane, Dombivli, Kalyan, Ambernath, Shahad and Ulhasnagar.

Educare Development Trust has become the first in a path breaking venture to become the first and only integrated school beyond Thane. Educare Development Trust has been running a school for children with intellectual challenges, learning disabilities, autism, hearing and speech defects for the past ten years. This is actually adopting the latest innovative concept; i.e. Integration and making it a reality. As part of its mission it has under its wings a regular school that caters to regular children providing the mainstream curriculum; and a special school that provides instruction to special children and a teacher training unit that continually augments and consolidates the teachers’ capacities while also providing a continuous supply of conscientious and qualified teaching staff.

The regular and special children come together for various activities and events, which both can participate in and for instructional purposes they are separated; their each individual needs being different and requiring different approaches. The purpose of an integrated school is to provide special students the right exposure to a regular school set-up, the practices within and the behaviour and mannerisms of regular children, thereby providing a platform for learning the appropriate skills. In turn, in the regular students it increases understanding, tolerance and the spirit of nurturance for those less fortunate; this being an essential part of value education and life skills training. Thus there is learning both ways.

The Trust’s Dynamix is working as a Remedial School for the past ten years for children with disabilities, operating in Dombivli, MIDC and is one of its kind, i.e. this happens to be the only Integrated school in Dombivli and beyond Thane.The Trust also provides training for NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) for students who are not able to give the regular Std. X examinations. This happens to be the only NIOS Centre, training and sending students as independent candidates to appear for the NIOS exams of Delhi Board in the whole of Dombivli. This provision is especially useful for middle and high school dropouts from the surrounding schools.The Trust, as part of it various activities, also conducts teacher training for imparting Specialized training in Early Childhood Care and Education, Counselling Skills and Remedial Education, along with several workshops and training seminars for aspiring teachers, parents and like-minded professionals. This ensures a constant supply of like-minded teachers and professionals to withhold the school philosophy.


A child’s first years are memorable…and critically important. Too many young children are not getting the quality early learning opportunities they need to succeed and thrive in elementary school and beyond. As a result, they start school significantly behind their peers, and the achievement gap is born.

Junior & I would empower thousands of parents to get more involved in their child’s early care and education by making it easier to select and secure quality care for their children. Junior & I’s Quality Rating and Quality Improvement Process allows parents to better determine quality child care for their children. In addition, Junior & Iwould be encouraging and actively engaging parents to become savvy child care consumers. So if you are looking for a better approach to day care then try Junior and I If you are having trouble finding professional and expert child care, and trouble finding child care at odd times because of shift work.

JMeet Junior & I your child’s best friend Come learn and enjoy with me!The Best Daycare and Learning Experience for your Child

Brought to you by pioneers in Education and childcare !! With over two decades experience and learning, introducing a whole new concept in child-care and play-school.


Junior and I is committed to providing high quality early childhood education programs to all. It’s our love for all children that has ensured our tireless committment to providing them with the best possible start. When it comes to children, it’s all about Love. And at Junior and I, we love to provide each child with the best care in the world. We’re proud to support and make a real difference to the lives of all families by providing exciting facilities and the latest equipment to support children in a safe and nurturing environment, Junior and I classrooms are divided into the following groups:
Infants : 6 months -1 year
Toddlers: 12 months to 2 yrs
Little Juniors: 2 to 5 yrs
Senior Juniors 5 yrs & over

Our Facts

Junior and I is created to provide care & educational programs for children aged 6 months and more. We’ve also made certain that this high quality early childhood education is as affordable and accessible as possible to all families. Junior and I’s first priority has always been and will always be the precious children in our care.Our centre staff actively encourages parents to be as involved as they would like to be.

We have deferred payment plans available to make care even more affordable.We have age-appropriate classrooms for Playgroup, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and older children.

Our early childhood education curriculum and the activities offered are specially designed to focus on each child’s individual interests, strengths and needs.Literacy and numeracy development are key elements in our early childhood programs.We provide a structured supervision, with well-planned, curriculum-based, supervised programs with other children. It is more than baby-sitting services provided during ordinary working hours. It prepares the youngsters, boys and girls alike, for school life, exposing them to routine, toys, books, reading, play and the like in a safe, nurturing environment, with other kids.We offer various and flexible early childcare education to meet your needs, including Before and After School Care and Vacation Occasional Care (hourly basis)

Our 4 Building Blocks

Junior and I is committed to ensuring each child is loved, nurtured, educated and given the best possible chance in life. That’s why we have specifically created the ‘Four Building Blocks’. Each one of these building blocks is a pathway to a child’s overall well-being and future development. The building blocks are called:
Learning Curriculum –
Our tailored learning curriculum focuses on each child’s unique style of learning that allows them to gain the most from experiences. Literacy, numeracy, and computer skills are key elements of this building block.
Nutrition & Physical development –
We offer specialized and fun programs to nurture a child’s nutritional and physical development. The programs and the activities offered in this building block are based on the individual child. Each child is able to develop skills according to their own unique abilities.
Centre Staff Training & Development –
Junior and I staff are trained early childhood professionals, dedicated to the development of every individual child.
Facilities & Environment –
Junior and I prides itself on making certain that all centre facilities are constantly upgraded ensuring a safe and secure environment for all children. Our extensive play and educational facilities are specifically designed with child safety and child development as the main priority.